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Boot Camp 1.0


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This 1.5 day forklift operator camp is designed for people with limited or no experience!

A qualified forklift operator can earn $15 – $20+ per hour in central Virginia and more in other areas.

Learn those skills here.

The first day will consist of a four hour driving lesson with our instructor and a practice test.

We use a Class 4 CAT forklift with a standard brake, inch brake, and utilize an outdoor operator course.

Attendees can pick and place empty pallets, loaded pallets, liquid storage containers, tires and more.

Learn to navigate in open areas as well as narrow aisle conditions.

An operators study guide will be given to each student.

The second day  (not always consecutive) will start with a 3-4 hour workbook review led by our instructor.

After students review the workbook quizzes, the written exam will be administered.  45 mins to take exam.


Next, attendees must demonstrate the ability to complete a pre-use inspection.  (our private lesson teaches you this)

After completing the inspection, operators will use our course to take the skills confirmation testing.

One hour is allowed to complete the skills confirmation segment.

Attendees who pass both segments of the class will receive a Photo ID operator badge and Certificate of Completion.

Our course meets or exceeds all Federal and State regulations and is valid for three (3) years.





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